Many Marvelous Uses

A satisfying way to stay hydrated

Personally, I drink broth throughout the day, from morning until dinnertime, though I will occasionally drink broth right up until bedtime. On average, I consume between 6 and 8 cups per day and drink far more broth than any other liquid, including water. Since proper hydration is essential to the healthy functioning of every system of the body, and key to regularly flushing out toxins, I can think of no better way to get your daily liquid requirement than Long Life Broth. Instead of drinking water, why not drink a flavorful liquid that’s also wonderfully rich in nutrients?

Traveling with your broth

If you work away from home, get a good thermos to take your broth with you. If the broth cools over the course of the day, drink it at room temperature — but best not to reheat in a microwave if you can avoid it.

If you’re going to be away from home for a while and have access to a kitchen, you can make broth just about anywhere as long as there are vegetables and water. If you don’t have a kitchen while you’re away, then there’s really no way to broth. When I travel and can’t drink my broth I find that I really miss it. The first thing I do upon returning home is prepare a new batch (or heat up a recent pot that I left in the fridge). The broth revives, grounds, and brings me back to center. It allows a reorientation back home.

A healing drink all year long

BrothingPersonally speaking, I broth all year long. A steaming cup of broth seems natural during cold weather. In the winter, Long Life Broth keeps my immune system strong and my internal fires warm. But making and drinking broth in the heat of summer? We live in an historic home that isn’t air conditioned, and I still love my broth on 90-degree days. In the summer, the broth helps me stay hydrated, and energetically and mentally balanced. In my experience, Long Life Broth makes an excellent tonic any season of the year.

A boost for your immune system

Because it’s a cleansing, alkalizing and mineral-rich drink that’s easy on the digestive system, Long Life Broth is an excellent natural aid when your immune system needs support. Try increasing your broth intake during periods of physical or emotional stress – such as when you have a cold, the flu, digestive upsets or to cleanse after a weekend or following a vacation consuming overly-rich foods. If I feel a cold coming on or if I’m just run down, I lighten up my eating and drink more broth. This mini-cleanse does wonders for my immune system, and I can usually avoid a full-blown cold or virus.

A replacement for coffee

Long Life Broth gives you clear steady energy with no buzz, and no drop off in energy. If you’re a regular coffee or black tea drinker, you may find that your need for caffeine diminishes as you become a broth-er. Also, whereas coffee and tea are acidic to the system, Long Life Broth contributes a potent dose of alkalizing nourishment.

A nutritious stock for soup or other recipes

Many people ask if it’s okay to use Long Life Broth as a stock for soup or other dishes. Absolutely. The broth can provide a rich base of flavor and nutrition for many recipes. In this way, if your family doesn’t enjoy drinking the broth alone, they can still benefit from its incredible nourishment. Use it as a stock for soup, as a replacement for some or all of the water for cooking grains, as a braising liquid, etc. You may even choose to freeze the broth to use as a stock for future meals.

A contribution to your well-being

Long Life Broth provides long-lasting, sustaining energy due to the fact that it imparts a substantial amount of nutrients in a form that your body can readily absorb.

Since I began brothing, my skin is clear, my eyes bright and my step lively. I awaken refreshed in the morning. My digestion has improved immensely. I can eat what is for me a full diet, and with the broth to wash it down I’m able to digest with rare side effects. Although I maintain a careful diet, I believe that people who eat more on the “normal” side can benefit tremendously from adding broth as a mainstay to their daily fare. Of course I can only speak for myself, but friends who have joined me in the brothing world report similar results.

I can make no medical claims and do not have the credentials to give a scientific analysis of why brothing promotes health in such a profound way, yet to me the benefits of brothing make simple sense. After all, we broth-ers are consuming large amounts of high-quality water infused with the essence of foods which are among the most highly nutrient-packed available, through a means that is gentle and easily assimilated: vegetable broth.

Signs that you’ve become a regular “Broth-er”

  1. You gaze longingly at the grocery store’s root vegetable section.
  2. You encounter burdock growing along the highway where you’ve stopped the car to take a leak, and you seriously consider harvesting it.
  3. It has been years since connecting with a friend. Upon seeing you, she exclaims: “Everyone else is growing older – you are growing younger!” You immediately commence an impassioned exposition on the wonders of brothing.
  4. You love vegetables almost as much as you love music. Fortunately, your spouse feels the same way about produce.
  5. Your friends worry that you “aren’t getting enough protein,” despite the fact that they all say you have never seemed in better health.
  6. You upgrade to a 22-quart stock pot.
  7. The first thing you do when returning home from a trip, before checking messages or unpacking your suitcase, is put on a new pot of broth.
  8. You join an organic winter CSA (community supported agriculture) to make sure you have the best local, organic vegetables during the barren chill of winter.
  9. You miss your broth when circumstances require you to go without it.
  10. There’s a pot of simmering broth on the stove 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

All these signs and more have manifested in the Brothing Guru’s life, and perhaps they will manifest in yours as well, dear reader. Wishing you vibrant health and joyous vitality, profound music, loving friends… and healing broth.