What Readers Are Saying

“I love Long Life Broth… no fancy powders, products, packages….just the same earthy roots that my ancestors have been eating (and growing!) for generations. An amazing way to slow down and literally take in the wisdom that the Earth offers for health and wellbeing. Long Life Broth: Fresh vegetables, clear water, warmth, and patience… a perfect recipe for just about everything.”
— Sara Kopf, M.Ed., Artist

“Broth has provided a deep and nourishing element in my life. This elegant book takes the art and consciousness of brothing and its health-giving potencies to a new, inspiring, magnificent level. I recommend it to all who are interested in naturally supporting and sustaining health and well being.”
— Ken Manning, Ph.D., Psychologist and International Business Consultant

Long Life Broth: Brothing for the Soul is an expression of love and compassion. In clear prose with beautiful photographs, the author lays out the origin, methods and benefits of brothing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in healthful living.”
— Jon Spiegel Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Long Life Broth: Brothing for the Soul has inspired me to create nourishing, life-giving broth in my own home. The process, as well as drinking the broth, becomes a meditation. The atmosphere of earthy steam enables a blessed connection with the gifts of the earth. This slender book, with its inviting illustrations, brings a taste of that exquisite experience to people everywhere. Set a while and inhale the healing power of broth!”
— Liza Braude-Glidden, MA, Author, Poet

Long Life Broth: Brothing for the Soul provides a practical, inspiring guide to this unique and simple method of health expansion. The clear instructions have provided the means for me to give my family the gift of this gentle and unique approach to well being.”
— Tara Fleming Caruso, MA, LMHC

“From its loving attention to detail in writing, format and photos, to the life sustaining practice of brothing, this special book presents us with wholesome recipes for an expanded life. Long Life Broth: Brothing for the Soul is hardily recommended to all who are called to strengthen and nurture their deepest self.”
— Ruven Liebhaber, R.A., Author

“I’m sitting at my kitchen counter surrounded by the sweet, subtle aroma of two pots of broth on my stove, one ready for drinking now, one getting ready for tomorrow. I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t found out about brothing through Long Life Broth: Brothing for the Soul. This new book is a delight to read. The photos, the layout, and the clear and simple writing make it so easy to engage with. The book makes a great case for the significant health benefits of this simple and satisfying brew. This is a significant step in our family’s movement towards healthy eating. Brothing can not only become an official verb, but can be a tasty, alkalinizing habit for sustainable good health.”
— Philip Brooks Ed.D., Associate Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies