How to Make Long Life Broth

Ah, the aroma of simmering broth on the stove. For me, the sweet, slightly bitter and earthy smell of Long Life Broth equates with being at home. In our kitchen, there are always two pots of broth heating gently on the stove — in the large pot brews the new, developing batch of broth, while a smaller pot contains the completed broth from which I drink throughout the day. Making the broth that has provided so much balance to my life is easy and requires very little preparation. Once you make a few pots, I’m certain you will find your own brothing rhythm so that you too can enjoy the benefits of Long Life Broth as often as you wish.

You will find our delicious Long Life Broth Recipes in our brothing guide, which is available for purchase through our partner website at

Additional input includes everything you’ll need to know to make Long Life Broth in your own kitchen:






Basic ingredients

Why the Broth must never boil

A note about cooking time

When is the broth ready to drink?

Experimenting with other vegetables

To salt or not to salt?

Two pots are better than one