Acknowledgments & Gratitude

So much inspiration and guidance…

Heartfelt gratitude to Herman Hesse for his book, Siddhartha, which I was blessed to read at the tender age of 14. The words, “I can think, I can wait, I can fast,” deeply touched this developing soul.

Heartfelt gratitude to Ram Dass, living embodiment of spirit. Sharing time with him off and on during a three-year period in the early ’70s at the Lama Foundation in northeastern New Mexico enabled a foundation for my being.

Heartfelt gratitude to my incredibly beautiful wife, Halé Sofia Schatz, she with the golden presence of a goddess.

Heartfelt gratitude to my father, of blessed memory. Beloved fountain of wisdom, deep soul, artist, war hero and businessman, to whom this work is dedicated. Now that I’m here, Dad, I know, I know…

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